Friday, November 15, 2013

GOM Player

GOM Player is free multifunctional software to play media files in nearly all formats that currently exist. What makes it special is that this video player has a wide range of built-in codecs, Download GOM Player free-of-charge.

GOM Player will start looking for lacking codecs automatically if it is still unable to open your video. With this software you will be able to choose among the variety of advanced features and customize your player to your liking. There is nothing you can’t do with GOM.

Here is what you will get if you choose GOM Player:
  • Even if the indexes of the file are broken or the file is being downloaded, you can still open and play your video
  • Not only GOM supports subtitles, you can also synchronize them with video if there are any discrepancies
  • The playlist is awesome; play a video and if there are files with similar titles, they will be added to your playlist automatically
  • Can reproduce such streaming media formats as WMF, ASX, ASF
  • Use multiple hotkeys and even create your own
  • Capture the images or record the sound from video
Certainly, GOM Player is one of the best players that integrated all the valuable features you may wish for. It has a number of advantages over the other players as GOM searches and downloads missing codecs automatically, plays the majority of audio/video formats, and it is extremely functional while having easy interface.

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