Thursday, November 14, 2013

PasswordWallet (MAC)

  • PasswordWallet now requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later and is Lion Compatible!
  • All new network synchronization wizard.
  • All new Dropbox(tm) support.
  • Added all new synchronization preferences.
  • Fixed issue where full screen usernames and passwords would sometimes wrapto two lines.
  • Fixed problem with duplicates appearing during synchronization.
  • Lowercase letters in usernames and passwords are now underlined with a lightgrey line.
  • Extra columns found when importing will always be accumulated in "Notes"additions.
  • Updated sync server to use new Sync Preferences.
  • PasswordWallet for Mac OS X now has a minimum OS requirement of 10.5.
  • Fixed crash when finding duplicates in empty files.
  • "Reveal in Finder" is back in the "Wallet" menu.
  • Added menu item to reset a wallet's synchronization.
  • New synchronization logging.
  • Added synchronization option to the "Wallet" menu.
  • Reorganized Sync Menu.
  • Reorganized Help Menu.
  • Fixed issue with exports happening only on close but not close+quit.
  • Fixed issue where "checking spelling while typing" wouldn't stick.

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